About us: Grooming madness for years.


For over ten years, Anirudh Chaoji has generated passion for wilderness in loads of youngsters. Then created opportunities for young graduates to work on field, where they got a field experience in learning hands on the methodologies of making good observations. Many of these “kids” of yester years are now wildlife biologists, geologists, researchers and are making careers in wilderness.

If people believe that someone would only be “Mad” to not be an engineer, a doctor or a chartered accountant ... as this was the only path to be successful, then Anirudh has groomed and nurtured their madness to a logical path... read on.

When you enter the field of wilderness, instead of being a “typical” collegian, your friends start observing different degrees of madness in you...

Fool: Falling in love with the wilderness
A nice bird-watching walk or even a flora identification trail in a wilderness area kindles your senses to search for more. The spirit of exploration that was asleep deep within wakes up and takes you often into forests, through grasslands and over mountains – observing, plants, insects, butterflies, snakes, frogs, birds and mammals. You start making checklists.

The story of the fourth Idiot

Anirudh on field

Insane: Selecting a field of choice
Regular exposure to wilderness makes you have an extra passion for one of the subjects. You start to observe the colours, shapes, features in details. Butterflies don’t remain only flying insects; instead they take you to their food plants, host plants and slowly into breeding them at home. The thrill of an emerging butterfly from the pupa takes your passion to a higher level.

Lunatic: Enter further education institutes
When passion takes you to an institute to study your subject of interest, you are a gone case now. Instead of becoming an Engineer or a Doctor like your other friends, you could end up in NCBS-WCS, Bangalore like Girish, Aamod, or Pooja; in Dice in UK like Trishant or Shraddha;  at University of Leeds, UK like Prerna or even Nikita at Oxford, UK.

Psychotic: Become a researcher on field
You now start collecting animal droppings for a living or having a GPS or a SCUBA apparatus as a life support system in the vast wilderness. You work day in and out in some pristine ecosystem. And soon you are able to generate papers about a variety of incomprehensible subjects to your old friends. Note: It is in your best interests to find a life partner who can understand your work and the priority it has in your life.

Wayward: Some earn big buck
There are many, who don’t fancy books and statistics involved with research, find their heart’s calling in becoming naturalists in a National Park, a Scuba Diver, a travel writer or taking up one of the many non convential professions associated with the outdoors.

Mental Case: Some become Activists...
In extremely rare cases, you may become too passionate about your cause and become an activist opposing a power project or fighting a battle against logging in a pristine forest or protecting the rights of a small forest community. Beware; you can be jailed with “Sedation against the State” charges.

Remember one “Mantra” in whatever you do, “anyone can do what he likes. But very few people can like what they do”. I did it. You too can do that.